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Ford Ranger Wins WhatVan Pick Up of the Year Award 2013

Ranger can haul more than its competitors with a towing capacity of up to 3350 kg on selected diesel models; it also has a payload capacity up to 1350 kg * Outstanding ground clearance of up to 232 mm and class-leading water-wading capability of 800 mm boost Ranger’s off-road capability * Ranger’s Traction Control System, part of the Electronic Stability Program, can prevent wheel spin proactively by precisely controlling engine torque to each wheel and by braking a spinning wheel completely

With best-in-class towing and water-wading capabilities as well as exceptional payload capacity and ground clearance, the all-new global Ford Ranger can get the toughest jobs done in the toughest locations. Commercial users looking to transport heavy materials will welcome Ranger’s outstanding payload capacity, more than 1300 kg on some variants, while owners wanting to tow anything from horse boxes to boats will value the pickup’s top-notch towing capacity of up to 3350 kg on 4×4 models equipped with the 150 PS or 200 PS diesel engines.

Geneva RangerWildTrak (UK)
Geneva RangerWildTrak (UK)

Ranger’s benchmark water-wading capability of 800 millimetres and excellent ground clearance of up to 232 millimetres enable drivers to go deeper or climb higher. It not only caters for companies requiring a sturdy pickup to traverse tough terrain, but also for customers who either enjoy recreational off-roading or travel further afield into more remote locations because their hobbies demand it. Even if Ranger gets mired in deep sand, snow or mud, engineers have provided a towing hook up front to pull the vehicle free. A front hook rated at 6,000 kg is standard on 4×4 models.

An all-new compact front differential, new upgraded rear axle and lower overall ratios, all contribute to Ranger’s superior off-road capability, which begins with a robust electronically controlled transfer case – for both manual and automatic transmissions – allowing drivers to shift on the fly from 4×2 to 4×4 high any time via a knob conveniently located on the centre console. Low-range gearing in 4×4 models can be enabled for extra-low-speed torque or additional downhill braking. When the low-range gears are engaged, the throttle response is changed to an off-road setting which provides a less sensitive, softer pedal feel. This prevents unintentional acceleration due to the bouncing motion of the driver’s foot while moving over bumpy ground. The logic control also changes the shift points for the automatic transmission

Geneva RangerWildTrak (UK)
New Ford Ranger Wildtrak (UK)

To give the all-new Ford Ranger its rugged credentials, the product development team not only extensively tested the pickup but also found innovative solutions to tuck key components out of harm’s way, such as placing them higher up in the vehicle and finding clever locations for them so that they will not get damaged if the pickup hits the ground or a rock. For example, the fuel tank is higher than the frame, which means it will never bottom out. Driveline components are mounted above the frame rail so that items like the transfer case and oil pan are protected by strong crossmembers. Vulnerable components such as the engine, radiator and fuel tank get another level of protection through additional shields.