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The Trion Story Trion Supercars (TSC) is a California based Automotive Technology Company. TSC was founded Trion’s objective is to design, engineer, assemble, market & sell advanced supercars for the TSC intends to challenge European dominance of the prestigious exotic supercar category.

Hand-crafted by skilled artisans in America, Trion SuperCars has developed an advanced ultra-luxury, high performance line of vehicles designed around the driver. We provide the excitement throughout the vehicle design. The exterior lines are flawless from the front growl to the captivating tail configuration. The interior packaging will comfortably accommodate 96th percentile (6’4″) drivers in all models.


The Nemesis cabin offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology with reduced volumes to optimize the space. Digital flat panel controls provide access to the latest internet crazes while masking the core function of vehicle programming. The displays provide access to program the Nemesis powertrain as well as a few predefined operating options. The “Predator Mode” will modify interior illumination, height, suspension, exhaust and rev limits.

TSC has designed the vehicle to be driven not just admired. The rear trunk was specifically developed to accommodate golf clubs or luggage so owners do not have to car swap for different functions. Equipped with active aero-dynamics that are programmable to suit the drivers mood! Trion SuperCars strives for absolute perfection in product execution and customer satisfaction.


· Engine 9.0-liter twin turbo charged V8 with a power output of 2000hp
• EXHAUST SYSTEM: Patent pending pulse tuned stainless headers
• TRANSMISSION: All-wheel drive
• GEARBOX: Programmable 8 speed sequential Transmission
• CLUTCH: Double
• BRAKES: Carbon ceramic rotors. Dual hydraulic circuit brake system with vacuum brake booster; front and rear CCB, 6-cylinder brake calipers, 4-cylinder brake calipers Ø 400x 38 mm – Ø 380 x 38 mm

SUSPENSION: Front and rear horizontal mono-tube damper with push-rod system
• CHASSIS: Carbon fiber monocoque with Inconel front and rear frames
• BODY: Carbon fiber engine bonnet, movable spoiler and side air inlets; carbon fiber front bonnet, front fenders and doors; SMC rear fender and rocker cover
• TIRES: Front Tires: Pirelli 255/35 ZR19 | Rear Tires: Pirelli 335/30 ZR20 • WHEELS: Front wheels: 19


Vehicle info: Nemesis RR

· Prototype mules: February 2015

· Prototype builder: N2A Motors

· Start of production: January 2016

· Production numbers: 50

· Price: $1M+

· Designer: Richard Patterson

· Production Location: Orange County, California