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Mini Coupè

Mini Coupè


The MINI Coupé is a sports-minded individualist ready to advertise its hallmark driving character at a moment’s notice, whether on the track or on the road. Its specific suspension technology, weight balance and aerodynamic characteristics all influence the lateral acceleration forces during hard cornering, and therefore require careful modifications to the DSC control unit. The upshot is an excellent balance between maximum driving enjoyment and top-level active safety.

With its extremely responsive steering and excellent stability, the two-seater offers the hallmark MINI go-kart feeling in its most intensive form. Even the interior contributes to the uncompromisingly sporty driving experience. The absence of rear seats, and the low roof accentuated by the oval recesses in the roof liner, create a sports car ambience which instantly triggers the desire to make good use of the MINI Coupé’s potential for extreme driving enjoyment.


The measurable edge of the MINI Coupé in terms of sprinting performance and top speed is first and foremost down to reduced drag.The spoiler is fully integrated into the styling of the helmet roof and has an opening in the centre which allows the air flow over the roof to be appropriately directed, depending on speed, either down over the rear window or to the rear spoiler. The MINI Coupé is also equipped with an active rear spoiler. Integrated in the boot lid, this spoiler pops up automatically when the MINI Coupé reaches a speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). The active rear spoiler optimises the aerodynamic balance between the front and rear axles. When travelling at top speed, it produces something like 40 kilograms of extra downforce.

The optimised aerodynamics improve high-speed traction and at the same time enhance stability during high-speed cornering. The same goes for the two-seater’s specific weight balance, which is largely down to its atypical body structure. The MINI Coupé also features extra bodyshell stiffening at the rear and extra-sturdy side sills. The MINI Coupé’s specific springing and damping system further enhances its extremely sporty driving qualities. Sturdier anti-roll bars at the rear also play their part. The carefully calibrated suspension reduces body roll on corners and further improves the responsiveness and precision of the Electric Power Steering.

MINI Coupè

At the same time innovative features to improve pedestrian protection and special body stiffening measures at the front of the vehicle result in a weight distribution which has major benefits for vehicle dynamics. The slight increase in front axle load rating compared with the MINI increases traction at the drive wheels, and helps to ensure that the engine power is effortlessly translated into sporty acceleration. Meanwhile, stiffening measures in the lower regions of the body, together with a reduced overall height, result in a lower centre of gravity. In conjunction with the high level of body stiffness on the MINI Coupé, this also enhances agility and ensures precise handling control.

Comprising engine power, suspension technology, weight balance and aerodynamics – provides the most intensive expression to date of the trademark MINI go-kart feeling. The MINI Coupé is a natural-born sporting machine which is even more responsive, more agile and more precise in its reflexes.

MINI Coupè