🚨🚔 A vehicle is stolen every 6 minutes in the U.K 🚔🚨
Everyone believes, “This won’t happen to me?” Until it does, it’s time to make people aware that there is an amazing Engine Immobilising system which is state of the art to stop thief’s in their tracks!
This system is so advanced, it’s like everyone having Black & White teles, whilst your kicking back in the garden watching Sky go on your Ipad!
A thief could have your keys and still not get away with your car, It’s that simple. Using your exsiting button inside your vehicle, you create a pin, without the pin being entered, your vehicle will not start or drive!
Ghost Immobiliser is that system.
The name “Ghost” is because it’s non-discoverable once installed properly by our expert engineers.
This protects:
• Keyless Signal Boosting
• Key Theft
• ECU Swapping
• Key Cloning
All of these ways this system prevents, so why protect your vehicle any other way?
Interested in the Ghost?? This is a little video of how the system works.
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