Birmingham, United Kingdom

About the BM Riders Club Well, what can we say..........

Launched on May 1st 2006 by a small group of BMW enthusiasts in the UK who saw the need for a BMW Club with down to earth attitudes and a common sense approach to Club life. The idea sprang from the BM Bikes Forum, an offshoot of the BM Bikes website and initially, at least, the Club will be based around that Forum where we would encourage you to share your ideas and information regarding your favourite marque of motorcycle. BM Bikes welcomes this new Club to share it's Forum and the information and camaraderie contained within it - it may be that, in the future, the BM Riders Club will wish to go it's own way and separate itself from affiliation with BM Bikes but that will be your choice in the future but for now, consider it home.

BM Riders is a non-profit making Club that is self financing and totally independent of any manufacturer although we hope to develop links with other BMW Clubs throughout the world.

BM Riders Logo.jpg June 29, 2014
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